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Meet the artist

Hi, I’m Maddie and I am an abstract artist and photographer! I love turning the simple beauties of life into art. My main interests include traveling, photography, cooking, painting and interior design. 


I’ve been painting for the majority of my life. My painting and photography skills really took off in high school where I discovered a true passion for painting, drawing and capturing photos. It became my outlet. Between art and photography, I truly enjoy creating and sharing my love for art with others. 


I am married to my best friend, Ray. We’ve been together for 11 years and he is one of my biggest inspirations in life.  We grew up together in a small town outside of Cleveland, OH, and then ended up going to the same college. That's where this incredible love story officially began.


We became obsessed with traveling after college when we moved to Chicago, that’s when I started to take photography seriously. I couldn’t travel to all of these incredible places without documenting them. Taking pictures became our life’s journal, and my excitement only grew as we moved and settled into our new home of Denver, CO.


We’ve traveled all over the world and we felt a strong calling to share our experiences with others. That is when we created, “Chasing The Cheselka’s”. A travel journal sharing all of our travels with recommendations. 


Traveling the world really opens your eyes to appreciate every little thing in life. The culture, the beautiful world we live in, and new experiences in diverse places. I began to really admire the beauty of this world through my photos. Now, I am so excited to officially be doing portraits, capturing life's precious moments.


I really look forward to working together, thank you!



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